Happy Birthday, Audrey!

Whether it’s Audrey or Katherine, let’s face it- I’m a Hepburn fan. With today being Audrey Hepburn’s birthday celebration on TCM, I naturally had to take some time out for a quick post.

So, question of the day is obviously, “What’s your favorite Audrey Hepburn film?”

For me, it’s a tie between Sabrina and Roman Holiday.

Sabrina is a perfect classic: Cast, script, rewatchability, and some beautiful images. It’s so well-written that the remake was clever. This is the sort of move that deserves it’s own evening, curled up with a good bottle of wine, and maybe a bread and cheese platter. Or you can just watch it by itself.

Roman Holiday is brilliant in it’s frivolity, despite the themes of fun versus duty and maturity. If I had the chance to gallivant through Rome with Gregory Peck, I’d have gone, too. The picture of the adventures you can have while traveling is perfect, accessible, and makes me want to fly to Rome. It’s a perfect escape when you need something light, even if the romance feels a little overdone. We’re talking about Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, so they’re automatically forgiven. After all, when in Rome…

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