Uh-oh … it’s one of those monthly experiment-type things.

So you may recall that February’s experiment in “let’s make a recommendation every day!” didn’t exactly work out the way I wanted it to. But as Fred and Ginger sang in one of their best, Swing Time, “pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.”

(Well, now I just need to post that clip.)

In that spirit, we’re going to try this again, this time with TCM’s Summer Under the Stars celebration, which makes August one of my very favorite months of the year despite the oppressive heat down here in Mississippi (can’t … breathe … need … A/C).

As most of you (hopefully) already know, every August, TCM dedicates each day of programming to the films of one star. There’s a great lineup this year, filled with the requisite “big” names (Bob Hope on the 8th, Katharine Hepburn on the 20th, Clint Eastwood on the 31st), some not-so-generally-familiar folks (Woody Strode on the 5th, Robert Ryan on the 13th, Thelma Todd on the 30th), and everything in between.

Carrie and I will each choose one film to recommend per day this month (except on those occasions on which we want to share the same film!). Some of these recommendations will be our favorite films from that day’s lineup, and some will be choices we have never personally seen, but will be watching ourselves for the very first time and dissecting later. Regardless, we hope you’ll join us in discussing these films and that you will feel free to share your own favorites!

Check back tomorrow for our first selections of the month!

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