Those of our readers who have been with us for the past several months–or even the past few weeks–may notice some changes on the blog very soon … some occurring this week!

First, we’d like to welcome a new blogger to True Classics. Nikki has been a frequent commentator on the blog and is joining our blog family as a regular contributor. To get to know Nikki, take a look at her About Me page linked above.

We’re getting ready to unveil several weekly series on the blog, in addition to our random, general posting habits. We hope that this will inspire us to post regularly and keep the momentum we achieved during Summer Under the Stars, but not with quite that frequency. We won’t feature every series every week, but you’ll see them recurring throughout the foreseeable future!

Maudlin Mondays: We’ve all seen them–the tearjerkers that make you bawl like a Detroit Lions fan during football season. With this series, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most notorious weepies in the annals of classic moviedom.

Wacky Wednesdays: This series pays homage to the best of the best (and the just plain fun) screwball comedies. Classic films have a unique formula with this genre that deserves to be exalted.

Therapy Thursdays: There’s a couple of themes going on in this series. We’ll take a look as some of the films that discuss or use psychology, mental health, insanity, and bizarre behaviors or interpersonal dynamics. Secondly, Carrie will have some hypothetical “psychosocial interviews” with characters from classic film. This section is very open for suggestions, so if you have someone you’d like to see interviewed, let us know!

Feminist Fridays: This series features feminist commentary and interpretations of classic films, from themes to characters, plot to actions. We will rant about and riff on some of the not-so-woman-friendly elements in classic movie history. So yeah, basically, this is Brandie’s playground.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: We just love our cartoons–old and new. So we’re dedicating Saturdays to classic animation, starting with an in-depth examination of the Disney animated catalog, and later expanding to other classic animated favourites, including both feature-length and short features. It’s childhood nostalgia at its most fun!

Lastly, we’re just a few posts away from our 100th post! We’re very pleased to have gotten to this milestone. We’d like to send a thank-you to all of our readers for taking this journey with us. Be on the lookout for our commemorative Post 100!

Thanks to our regular readers and subscribers! We hope you enjoy all of these  new developments and projects as much as we do!

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