As a classic movie fan, what am I thankful for?

Well, for one, I am thankful for this man …

… who makes watching TCM even more of an absolute delight than it would be otherwise.

Speaking of the bestest cable channel EVARRRR … I am thankful that the Powers That Be at TCM continue to produce wonderful original programming (like the ongoing Movie Stars and Moguls series) along with showing the best films that the Golden Age has to offer. Thank you for not interrupting my classics with ten-minute long commercial breaks (ahem*AMC*ahem) selling the latest products to bulk up my bust line or keep my partner revving long into the night. And along those lines, I’m ever glad to see Netflix streaming some great classic films with their whole “watch it now” service. It’s the best ten bucks a month you could ever spend.

I’m especially thankful for my blog partners, Carrie and Nikki, who make this entire undertaking so much fun. Seriously–you should see some of the long-ass emails we shoot back and forth every week as we plan more shenanigans for this blog (actually, cancel that–nothing to see here, folks).

I am thankful for the opportunity to write about the ones I love (and–let’s face it–the ones who set my teeth on edge) every week on this blog. And I’m doubly thankful that we have made some great blog and Twitter friends over the past year. Yes, next week marks our one-year anniversary here at True Classics, and I’m so glad we’ve made it this far. It’s been a fantastic year here–I’ve seen more movies than ever before, we’ve been able to maintain a semi-regular posting schedule, and I have personally learned more than I can say about the world of classic film, especially from reading the amazing blogs listed to the left in our blogroll.

Thank you, fantabulous readers, for being nothing less than the epitome of bodaciousness (I think I just made up that word, but it still works). In the words of that brilliant dramatic actress of the screen, Lina Lamont, the fact that you read our ramblings every week “makes us feel as though our hard work ain’t been in vain for nothing.”

Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

–Brandie  🙂

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