A brief announcement.

Just a quick heads-up:

You may have noticed that we did not post an entry for Saturday Morning Cartoons this week. What with the craziness surrounding the holidays and work schedules, we’re scaling back regular contributions to SMC until the new year. Nikki will post an entry on Lady and the Tramp this weekend, and we’ll return with more classic Disney after the holidays.

In the meantime, Caroline over at Garbo Laughs mentioned yesterday that she enjoys “Mickey’s Christmas Carol,” Disney’s 1983 retelling of the Charles Dickens classic, and that made me seriously want to see it again. So in case you’re struck with the same urge, here ’tis, courtesy of YouTube.

2 thoughts on “A brief announcement.

  1. Yes!!! I’ve been thinking about this so much lately & was planning on digging out the ol’ VHS copy at my mom’s house, but I wasn’t looking forward to first FINDING the damn thing & then lugging out the VCR to watch it. So glad it’s on YouTube!

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