Our heartfelt gratitude.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–classic film bloggers are some of the best folks I know.

Carrie, Nikki, and I cannot thank you enough for all of the contributions to the Loving Lucy blogathon yesterday. The number of folks who shared their love for Lucy exceeded our wildest hopes. In total, we linked 47 entries from 41 different bloggers. Over the past two days, I have read each and every one of your submissions, and I am still in awe from the sheer amount of writing talent and heartfelt joy displayed by all of your posts. I always thought I knew a lot about Lucy, but I learned even more from all of you yesterday!

We called it the “Loving Lucy” blogathon because the act of loving Lucy is something that comes almost as naturally as breathing to those of us who’ve been touched by her work. We love her for the way she makes us laugh, the way she makes us empathize with her … even the way she makes us cry. She was gorgeous and genuine and strong and relatable. She shared her gift with the world and, in the process, made the world a more beautiful place simply for her having been in it.

I think all of us did our parts yesterday in celebrating the things that made Lucille Ball such a special person. I doubt she will ever truly be forgotten, but it’s gratifying to see that people like y’all are helping to keep her memory alive, fresh, and vital. In my mind, few people deserve it more.

I think A Shroud of Thought’s Terry Towles Canote said it best when he tweeted yesterday, “I don’t think I have ever seen such an outpouring of love for a star on his or her 100th birthday as I have Lucy. It is simply overwhelming!”

Thank you for allowing us to host this shindig and celebrate with you. We hope you had as much of a blast participating as we did throwing the whole thing together.

And we hope you’ll excuse us from hosting another blogathon for at least another year, ’cause we’re popped out. 😉

We love you, Lucy--yesterday, today, and infinite tomorrows.

8 thoughts on “Our heartfelt gratitude.

  1. Sadly I was out of town for this blogathon, but I still wanted to pop by and congratulate you guys on a great hosting job for what looks like a fantastic blogathon (I’m just starting to make my way through the entries). You’re all “shimmering, glowing stars in the cinema firmament.”

  2. No doubt you gals feel “pooped out” right now, but what a lovely way to end the marvelous LOVING LUCY Blogathon, with the words, “We love you, Lucy–yesterday, today, and infinite tomorrows.” Brandie, Carrie, Nikki, you all deserve a big pat on the back and all the accolades there are for the wonderful job you all did!

  3. Thanks for sharing the comment by Terry Towles Canote. I had sent much the same thought to a friend this weekend, along with a Google listing of the many events, tributes,etc. celebrating Lucy’s 100th. I felt much the same about the time when Lucy was hospitalized, then died, in1989. I remember everything from the daily updates and wishes from a late night program Pat Sajak was hosting at the time, to the get well wishes on banners hanging from the rooftops of buildings near the hospital. I remember the gaping somberness everyone felt when we realized she was stilled forever, as well as all the fan-magazine type publications that appeared, presenting her life with many photos. I do not think Lucy ever truly grasped how loved and important she was to the American public.
    Did everyone notice how the four cast members died in the same order that they would have taken bows in a stage curtain call? I have always felt that was God’s wink of approval about a job well done.
    Thanks for hosting the blogathon!

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