Oh, how I love you, Mr. Grant.

This month, the subject of the LAMB’s Acting School 101 is none other than Cary Grant. Naturally, we had to submit several of the entries we’ve written about the suave actor over the past year or so. Head on over the LAMB to see all of the submissions!

It’s wuv. Twu wuv.

2 thoughts on “Oh, how I love you, Mr. Grant.

  1. Ahhhh, Mr. Grant. One of a kind. You know, after I saw Hugh Jackman do the Academy Awards a couple of years back, in tuxedo and with charm to spare, I thought he could have been the closest thing to Grant we would have. However, his career has gone to all that action stuff, and I think that’s a shame. His real talents are wasted on those movies. Too bad. I wuv him too!

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