Happy birthday, cohorts!

Today, my blog partners Carrie and Nikki celebrate their (mmph mmphth) birthday! Yes, they were born on the exact same day on the exact same year (and no, they aren’t twins).

To celebrate the occasion, for today’s Saturday Morning Cartoons entry, I’m posting the appropriately-titled Disney short  “Donald’s Happy Birthday” from 1949. Enjoy!

Wishing a very happy day for two of the loveliest people I know. I’m looking forward to seeing both of you in a couple of weeks!  🙂

[P.S. Our next post will be our 300th on this blog!!]

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday, cohorts!

  1. Carrie, Nikki, Happy Birthday to you from all of us here at Team Bartilucci H.Q.! I hope “Uncle Donald” will enjoy the steel file he’ll get from the boys while Donald cools his heels in the pokey for endangering minors! 🙂 Seriously, can you imagine getting away with that now, with all the super-sensitive, gas-permeable people (as my husband Vinnie would say) in today’s easily-panicked world? Hope you gals have a fab birthday celebration!

  2. Just getting to the computer (I’m the deviant of the group). Thanks to all for the birthday wishes! Exciting to have a birthday next to the 300th post birthday, not to mentioned honored by a Disney clip!

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