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The deadline for entries for the Great Citizen Kane Debate was last night at midnight. We’re so pleased with the response our call for posts received! The quality of the arguments presented by these bloggers is impressive, and has already made for some excellent, informative, and entertaining reading.

The esteemed contributors are:

[Note: if we’ve somehow left your entry off this list, please let us know ASAP!!]

We hope you’ll take some time to travel around and visit all of these bloggers and even add your voice to the debate by commenting on their posts!

We’ll be judging the entries over the next two weeks, and the winners will be announced here on November 30th!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to write a post and also to everyone who helped promote this event on their blogs and Twitter feeds over the past month!

13 thoughts on “In this corner …

  1. I am seriously in awe of some of the fantastic pieces that were written for this. Will try to get around to commenting on a few. Thanks so much for hosting!

    Take care,

  2. Ah, this is too bad. I was unaware of this blogathon, but I have my first piece on Citizen Kane scheduled to go up this Friday. Perhaps I can get an out-of-competition prize from the jury? 😉

      • It just went up today:

        As I said, it was written pre-blogathon so it isn’t focused on the “is it the greatest film ever made?” question but inevitably the issue of its reputation vs. its appeal is addressed. Mostly it dwells on how each narrator sees a different Kane, and how that is expressed through the screenplay & visuals – and how, despite these different views, the film forms one entity. Kind of like the five fingers make one indomitable fist, as Lucy often told Linus. (A Peanuts reference seems to go well with Kane-talk, as Schulz was a huge fan and even contained a Rosebud spoiler in his strip!)

  3. Thanks again to everyone who contributed their time and effort for the competition! I am enjoying going through all of the posts and reading your positions in the “debate.” I have to say again how impressed I am with the quality of the entries–y’all are simply wonderful!

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