Welcome back, Bob!

After a five-month hiatus, Robert Osborne, the Silver Fox of Classic Moviedom (wait, what do you mean, no one else calls him that?), is returning to the airwaves this Thursday (December 1st) as he resumes his hosting duties every night on Turner Classic Movies!

To say that Bob has been missed is a serious understatement. TCM without Robert Osborne is like Veronica Lake without her peekaboo hairdo, like Charlie Chaplin sans mustache, like Fred and Ginger minus dancing shoes. It’s just not RIGHT. So I’m thrilled that he will once again be plastered on the television screen for me to idolize and/or gawp at ad nauseum.

Carley over at The Kitty Packard Pictorial (one of my very favorite classic film folks, if I haven’t made that clear in the past) is joining forces with blogger Will McKinley to host a grand, online “Welcome Back!” party for Bob on Tumblr. Head on over to see how you can contribute your thoughts and “welcome back!” greetings for our venerable Robert O.!

I have never had the pleasure of actually meeting Bob in person, but I did attend his Athens, GA-based classic film festival in the spring of 2009 with Carrie and our friend Megan. I remember sitting in the auditorium, waiting for the screening of Goldfinger, and practically bouncing up and down in my seat, wondering when Robert Osborne would finally come out on stage. Carrie and Megan were greatly amused, to say the least.

When he finally did come out on stage, I think I clapped most of the skin off of my hands applauding him. This was before the man ever said a word! I promptly starting taking photos–I must have snapped him fifty times in the five minutes he spent talking about the festival and the movie we were about to see. And though the lighting in the auditorium was pretty bad, and I was sitting about three rows back from the stage, I still got some wonderful photos that night.

I had never seen Goldfinger before, so seeing it on the big screen for the first time–and having Robert Osborne standing not ten feet away, introducing the film in person–was an almost religious experience for me. I’ve never forgotten that night. I dream of one day getting the chance to meet him, face to face, and telling him just how important his work has been to me personally. It may sound cheesy to say this, but Bob has always reminded me of Indiana Jones, in a way. Only instead of fighting Nazis and traversing dank caves in the jungle to find artifacts, Robert Osborne strives to celebrate, remember, and preserve Hollywood history for posterity. And in my mind, his job is just as cool as Indy’s–and just as important.

Welcome back, Robert Osborne! May you never leave us again. Or (realistically speaking), may that day be many, many years ahead of us.

Love, Brandie

P.S. Despite the fact that, as you may have noticed, I actually have a category on this blog called “Marry me, Robert O.!,” I assure y’all, I am not a stalker.

No, really.

Pinky swear.

4 thoughts on “Welcome back, Bob!

  1. Are you trying to say that hanging out in the bushes outside his bedroom does NOT make you a stalker? LOL! I love that guy and am so glad he is coming back. No one else has been able to reach the calibre of hosting TCM despite their best efforts. Oh, and I have to say I LOVE your Christmas banner with the Whos!!

  2. You react to Mr. Osborne the way I imagine I would if I were to meet Kevin Brownlow! *sigh*
    I think I would either turn speechless or into a blathering fool if I were to meet Mr. Brownlow! His interviews of old film stars in “The Parade’s Gone By” is superb, and got me hooked on silents for life!

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