State of the Blog: November 2012

October was a pretty exciting month here at True Classics, what with our first TCM Party hosting gig, some fun ticket giveaways, and a serious traffic spike thanks to a certain animated Google Doodle. Among the happenings from the past month:

  • The Wonders in the Dark Comedy Countdown rolls on, and my latest contribution on Buster Keaton’s phenomenal Steamboat Bill, Jr. was posted late last night. You can also check out last week’s contribution, focusing on The Palm Beach Story, over on their site. My fifth and final contribution will be posted next month as the countdown moves into the top ten, whereupon I will wax rhapsodic about my hands-down absolute 100% FAVORITE comedy of all time (any guesses? Ah, well, it doesn’t matter, because I’m not telling!).
  • I’ve contributed several more reviews to Cinema Sentries this month, with topics ranging from documentaries to children’s television staples. If you haven’t checked those out yet, you can find a list of my contributions over at the site. More are forthcoming, including a review this weekend of a long-desired pre-Code classic that has finally been released to DVD! And if you’re not reading the Sentries’ reviews, you’re missing out on some fantastic commentary about new releases and noteworthy classics–so add the site to your daily reading list today. Like, right now. Go ahead–I’ll wait.  🙂
  • The night of rare animation on TCM October 21st was a roaring success, and I had an absolute blast hosting the TCM Party on Twitter that night. Many thanks to TCM Party headmistress Paula and everyone who participated–the tweets were flying fast and furiously, and I daresay I’ve never been quite so entertained by Twitter as I was that evening. Six hours of classic, rarely-seen animation was a real treat from TCM to their many, many fans, and I sincerely hope the response to this event was enough that the network’s Powers That Be will schedule more animated goodies on a regular basis in the future!
  • We are very pleased to have been able to host giveaways for several big-screen classic film events over the past month–in the past thirty-one days alone, TCM, Fathom, Sony, Universal, and others have joined together to bring four wonderful classics to theaters nationwide: E.T., Lawrence of Arabia, and last week’s Frankenstein double feature. Our own Sarah was able to attend a Frankenstein screening in Atlanta, and she’ll be posting her thoughts on the experience soon. And if all that wasn’t enough, this month will see the fiftieth anniversary screening of To Kill a Mockingbird in theaters on November 15th. I’ll be attending (for what will be my second time seeing TKAM on the big screen this year!) and reporting back afterward.


November promises to hold even more excitement, as we move closer to celebrating our third anniversary on the 30th!

We asked Jean and Bill to help us toast our three-year anniversary, but there was a slight blip in communication …

Last year’s anniversary brought with it our first giveaway on the blog, courtesy of the Great Citizen Kane Debate, an event that remains one of my favorites that we’ve ever conducted. And because precedent has been set, we will be hosting another fantabulous contest this month, with more fantabulous prizes. Now, as to what that giveaway will entail … well, that will have to wait for next week. Look for a post soon explaining all the details!

We also want to alert you to a couple of wonderful ongoing events being hosted by some of our classic film blogging pals. The mighty Angela of The Hollywood Revue is once again donning her “daily blogger” cap and hosting “30 Days of Pre-Codes” throughout the month of November. Make sure to check in daily and see what risque goodies she has in store. And the intrepid Lara of Backlots has kicked off the Carole Lombard Filmography Project, for which she has vowed to view (and review) every existing film in which Lombard appeared during her all-too-brief career. This event will be ongoing for the foreseeable future, so follow Backlots in order to be updated upon each new entry in the series.

Before we wrap things up … today brought a much-anticipated announcement from TCM: passes for the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival go on sale on November 15th! The channel also announced four of the films on this year’s lineup; the festival will open with the newly-restored Funny Girl, and will also include such screenings of The General, Giant, and The Great Escape. For more information, check out the festival website.

That’s all for now, folks–in the meantime, here’s to another great month filled with great classics and great blogging in our truly great classic film blogging community!

5 thoughts on “State of the Blog: November 2012

  1. Thanks for the 30 Days of Pre-Codes mention! And I can’t wait to find out what the next contest will be! I had lots of fun with last year’s Great Citizen Kane Debate.

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