There once were some winners who …

… wrote some pretty frickin’ sweet limericks!

Before we (finally) announce the winners of our third-anniversary contest, I just want to thank all of the participants–we had a wide range of entertaining submissions to judge, and it was really difficult to narrow it down to our favorites! I also want to apologize for the delay in announcing the winners; I was unexpectedly called out of town for several days on a personal matter, and blogging unfortunately had to take a back seat to settling some affairs.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge my co-authors: Carrie, Nikki, and Sarah. Three years, over four hundred and fifty posts, and nearly half a million hits later, it’s still nothing short of pure, unadulterated FUN to write reviews, plan out events, host giveaways, and just completely fangirl out over our favorite movies. I hope there are many more years of blogging awesomeness in our collective future. 😀

bette davis typewriter

Okay, now on to why you’re all REALLY here–you want to know who won those delicious, delicious prizes! (Mmm … winning.)

Without further ado …

In third place, with her lovely take on a Preston Sturges screwball classic, is Natalie from In the Mood!

Once was a Lady named Eve
With many a trick up her sleeve.
The sucker did fall,
When he heard her sweet call,
And then, of his senses, took leave.

Natalie wins her choice of either a year’s subscription to Now Playing or a copy of the TCM Classic Movie Trivia book!


In second place, with a delightfully creepy limerick honoring the delightfully creepy Vincent Price, is Becky of ClassicBecky’s Brain Food!

The crazed Dr. Phibes, played by Price,
Loved to kill with creative device.
He was mad as a hatter,
But what does that matter?
His methods were all so precise!

Becky wins a copy of the utterly fantastic Kino Buster Keaton Short Films Collection on DVD!


And last but certainly not least, the winner of the BIG CLASSIC FILM ENCHILADA (aka the $50 gift card to TCM Shop) is … none other than the woman with whom I (sometimes) share my secret lover, Cary Grant–Jill of Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence! Her ode to Gene Kelly’s posterior garnered the most accolades from the judges (i.e. the lustful-minded gals of this blog) by far:

The man Kelly was known for his class
for women he bowed when he’d pass
When he yelled “Gotta Dance!”
All fell in a trance
Admiring his luscious firm ass.

Congratulations to Jill, Becky, and Natalie, and again, many thanks to everyone who participated and helped spread the word about this contest!

12 thoughts on “There once were some winners who …

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! Congrats to Becky and Natalie.

    I had so much fun writing the limericks and even more fun reading everyone’s entries. Thanks for bringing all of us together for this. And congrats on 3 years. 😉

  2. Thanks so much, TC girls! I am happy that you liked my limerick, and really happy that I will have the Buster Keaton collection! Congratulations Natalie and Jill — it sure was stiff competition …. hmmmm …. stiff competition — I could have used that in a smutty limerick! I’ll remember it for next time — LOL!

  3. Hooray and beaucoup congratulations to Natalie, Becky, and Jill for your clever, hilarious limerick victories! It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of gals! Happy holidays!

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