State of the Blog: May 2013

Is this month finally going to be the month in which True Classics returns to its regularly scheduled programming?

Um … here’s hoping.

We solemnly swear to be more diligent in our writing. Unless Clark Gable shows up. Then all bets are off.  --the TC crew

We solemnly swear to be more diligent in our writing. Unless Clark Gable shows up. Then all bets are off.   –the TC crew

Life seems to be moving along at a brisk pace for all of us here at the site, whether we’re respectively wrapping up a semester of graduate work, zipping along at our big-person jobs, moving to a brand-new city to start a fresh chapter, or catering to the needs of a tiny new human (yes, we are busy gals). As we begin to return our focus to True Classics, here’s what we have on our collective plate for the month ahead.


More Movie Memories in May

Last May, we hosted a month-long event dedicated to movie memories–whether they were recollections of the first movie someone saw in the theater, a beloved childhood favorite, or a film that in some way significantly changed a person’s life. Altogether, we posted reminiscences from thirty-eight people, ranging in age from two-and-a-half years old to eighty (and one via a 1937 diary). It was a truly spectacular series of posts, and we were honored to have such great contributions from friends, family members, and other film bloggers, among others.

This month, we are revisiting the concept of “movie memories,” albeit on a smaller scale. Throughout May, we will post more film reminiscences, and for the first time, each of us in the True Classics crew will contribute our own movie memories for this event. We are very excited for this month’s lineup, and we hope you will enjoy reading these cinematic recollections as much as we do.


The Mary Astor Blogathon

Two of our favorite classic film bloggers, Dorian (Tales of the Easily Distracted) and R.A. Kerr (Silver Screenings), have teamed up to honor one of our favorite actresses, the great Mary Astor. I’ll be posting my contribution on May 9th, focusing on the great pre-Code Other Men’s Women (1931). For the full lineup, check out the page dedicated to the blogathon on Dorian’s site.


The Child Stars Blogathon

Hosted by Jessica of Comet Over Hollywood, this one is rather self-explanatory–it pays tribute to the great child stars of classic cinema. I intend to kick in an entry for this event, though I’m debating the topic at the moment. The blogathon is scheduled for May 24-26, and more information is available at the Comet.


Learning to Love … Westerns

My goal to explore the Western genre has thus far only borne small (yet entertaining) fruit, so it is my intention to revisit this series this month … and to possibly drag Carrie down with me, if I can. On the agenda: some John Wayne classics (because one simply must start with Mr. Wayne when exploring this genre, right?), particularly his films with Maureen O’Hara, which come highly recommended by Nikki (the lone Western fan among our crew).


Saturday Morning Cartoons

This month, a return to our series on animation pioneers is on the agenda, with a look back at some of the most influential figures in early cartoons. Additionally (hopefully), my ClassicFlix animation column will finally be debuting on that site sometime this month (a delay that is finally not my fault!), so I hope you all will check that out every month.


We have high hopes for a great May! Thanks for tuning in! (And now it’s about time for me to get back to packing.)

2 thoughts on “State of the Blog: May 2013

  1. I can but hope that TCM’s broadcasting will not only steady itself, but become more varied (a habit it seems to have lost in recent months). My son sees me watching TCM and his immediate comment is usually “Well who died today?”

  2. Brandie, beaucoup thanks from me and my esteemed pal and co-hostess R.A. Kerr! We very much appreciate how you and your fabulous foursome have helped us spread the good word about our Mary Astor Blogathon, starting tomorrow and continuing through May 10th. We’re looking forward to your review of OTHER WOMEN’S MEN!

    Setebos01, I admit I got a kick out of your son’s wisecrack “Well, who died today?” Nevertheless, I love TCM, and I’m especially looking forward to May’s cornucopia of Tough Guys, including one of my favorites, THE ASPHALT JUNGLE! (I’ll take a lemonade in a dirty glass, please! :-))

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