State of the Blog: January 2014

Who better to offer a toast to a grand new year than these two?

Who better to offer a toast to a grand new year than these two?

Hello, folks! We hope you all had a lovely holiday season with your friends and loved ones. As you may have noticed, we decided to take a last-minute break from blogging during the month of December so we could “enjoy” the madness of the holiday rush. But now that the Christmas season is officially over (today being the twelfth day of Christmas and all–at least, according to some folks), it’s back to the typical grind with a brief look at what we have in store for you throughout the month ahead.

  • The necessity of taking a month off pushed back our fourth anniversary contest deadline to this Wednesday, January 8th. Any time between now and then, you can post your entry on your own site to be considered for one of our faaaaaaaaabulous prizes. This year, it’s all about letting you choose what you want the spoils of your victory to be, so that means we’re offering up cold hard cash for the best entries. Want to get in on the action? You can read all the details for the contest on our original announcement from November, or contact us via the “Contact” tab above if you have questions. And remember: once you’ve posted your piece, make sure to come back here and leave a comment so we won’t miss your contest entry!
  • Over the past few months, our collective film-book library has grown by leaps and bounds, and we’re jonesing to tell you all about the great movie tomes we’ve been reading. So we’re starting up a new regular feature on the site, posting on Fridays, in which we’ll be sharing reviews of some of these books. We’ll also feature interviews with some of the authors as well as giveaways of certain titles. Some of the titles are older, some only recently released, but all of them fall into our “classic” wheelhouse in one sense or another. Look for the first post later this week!
  • We have a backlog of movie reviews to offer throughout the month of January–releases from the fall that we were never quite able to get posted before our unplanned hiatus, including several films from the always-wonderful Warner Archive (a boon for us classic film nuts). Make sure to check back throughout the month for those.

And (pause for shameless plug for some of our affiliates) don’t forget to add our awesome friends at The Moviola, ClassicFlix, and Wonders in the Dark to your RSS reader of choice. You can’t beat the mix of great writing and commentary these sites have to offer (and we don’t just say that because Brandie sometimes spends more time over at those sites than over here!).

It’s going to be a busy month, but we’re so glad to be back posting regularly and we continue to be thankful for your readership and your kind and insightful comments. Here’s hoping 2014 is a lovely, productive, and entertaining year for all!

3 thoughts on “State of the Blog: January 2014

  1. Hey, ladies, I think I’ve got it! I loved Bugs Bunny cartoons on Saturday mornings from when I was a kid, including THE BUGS BUNNY & ROAD RUNNER SHOW when I was a kid watching it in the Bronx. Would that do for your post? Please let me know, if you’re interested. In any case, Happy New Year!

    • That would be lovely, Dorian. Once you’ve posted your piece on your blog, let us know so we can count it in the contest. Make sure you get it posted by Wednesday night!

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