State of the Blog: February 2014

Back to the drawing board for a new month of posts ...

Back to the drawing board for a new month of posts …

Here’s a brief monthly update of the happenings around True Classics.

First, a quick announcement: some of you may have noticed our friends at The Moviola have a new name: The Black Maria. Different name, same fantastic film content every week. Make sure to adjust your RSS reader settings to reflect the change so you can continue to receive new posts! (And if you haven’t subscribed yet, well, now is the perfect time.)

Speaking of The Black Maria: we’ve partnered with them to post our regular Saturday Morning Cartoons feature on Black Maria every other week. This week, we’re continuing our look at Oscar-winning animated shorts through the decades with a glimpse at a controversial 1940s winner, the Tom & Jerry cartoon The Cat Concerto, and its curiously similar rival, the Bugs Bunny short Rhapsody Rabbit. That post is up now!

Back here on our site, this Friday, we’ll have a book review and giveaway for you, so make sure to check back in and see how you can win a copy of a fantastic recent star biography.

And finally, on an unrelated-to-film note, our own Brandie shared her cancer story with our friends over at the new site Part Time Monster, in honor of World Cancer Day last week.

It’s going to be a busy month–as always, thanks for sticking around for our antics, folks!

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