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true classics crew

The True Classics crew, getting our black-and-white on at a 2012 screening of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

Hello, and welcome to True Classics! We are Brandie, Carrie, Nikki, and Sarah, classic movie buffs and bloggers extraordinaire (if we do say so ourselves). We are also all huge fans of Turner Classic Movies, which is hands down the best cable channel ever crafted by the television Powers That Be. Recognize, and bow down. 

This blog is a place for us to delve into all facets of classic movie culture … our opinions, our raves, and our complaints. We celebrate our favorites, ridicule our not-so-favorites, and lavish praise and admiration on Cary Grant at every opportunity. Oh, Cary. How we love thee.

All we can offer is our heartfelt love of classic film, and we hope you will feel free to share your favorites and your opinions, too!

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19 thoughts on “All About Us

  1. Love your site! Yes,sometimes it does feel like I’m the only one who loves, loves, loves, classic movies, besides beloved Robert Osborne. Been watching TCM since it’s inception. Before that it was AMC. But, they altered their terrific programming for commercials & revenue. Thank God for TCM & Robert O!!

  2. A very nice site, one I discovered through LAMB. Continued success.

    I have a classic Hollywood blog of my own that I think you’ll enjoy; it’s called “Carole & Co.” (for my all-time favorite actress, Carole Lombard). We’ve been up since June 2007, with more than 1,250 entries, most on Lombard’s life and times and people she knew and worked with. You’ll also find all sorts of rare images. Check us out at

  3. Hi Brandie and Carrie

    I’ve just found your wonderful site via the good offices so LAMB and I can already envisage the many hours I’m going to spend browsing your archives.

    I share Brandie’s love for Humphrey Bogart. Reading Joe Hyams’s book, Bogart and Bacall: a Love Story, was what first got me interested in movies about 30 years ago. I’ve recently discovered Barbara Stanwyck, too, though I agree that The Two Mrs Carrolls was not the ideal vehicle for these silver screen legends!

    Sadly, I don’t have access to TCM so my SuTS will have to be restricted to my own DVD collection. I’m a big fan of film noir, so this might be time to revisit In a Lonely Place, in which Bogart gave one of his finest performances.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll. I’ve only been going for about three months ( and currently I’m covering other subjects as well as movies. I recently did a brief tribute to Patricia Neal. I’d love to see The Fountainhead, but it’s really hard to get hold of here and, of course, it’s never on TV.

    Keep up the good work.


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  5. Thanks for your comment on my little reflection on The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. You guys have a wonderful site, and I plan to visit often. It’s so great to get to know others who have passionate love for the great classics.

  6. Hi There..
    Just discovered you and trying to get a handle on how to find my way around. Are there entry dates and categories? Has anyone written about 2 of my favorite classics ” The Heiress” and “Gaslight”?. Ralph Richardson’s line when he tells Olivia DeHaviland, “Well, Katherince, You have finally found your tongue.” is magnificent.

    • Hello, Joan, and thanks for visiting! Our archives are listed to the left and the various categories are in a dropdown box to the right. Feel free to browse! And yes, we have written about both of those films in the past! The Heiress is one of my favorite films of all time. 🙂

  7. I really love the humor with which you are approaching your topic. I also LOVE your weekly features. Glad to have discovered your blog and I will be checking back often!! Keep up the great work!

  8. I found your site when I googled ‘Oh Jerry, don’t let’s ask for the moon; we have the stars’. Just finished watching ‘Now, Voyager’ for the umpteenth time. That line leaves me in a sobbing heap. We are switching our TV to another service provider and they (gasp!) DON’T HAVE TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES YET, but they have a lot of requests for it. It will be a long wait. So, here I sit, watching all the greats I have recorded on the PVR before it gets unplugged. Among them is ‘The Sisters’, which contains a pretty fabulously-done earthquake scene considering it came out in 1938.
    Thank God there are lots of you out there who appreciate truly great movies.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment, Jody. Now, Voyager is such a wonderful weepie, and Bette Davis is just luminous. I hope you get TCM soon—I know from past experience that not having it can really suck!

  9. I’m really loving your site! Do you think you could check out my blog about Katharine Hepburn and classic movie and give me some feedback? I’d love it if you would follow me. I look forward to following your blog with enthusiasm!

  10. Ladies— I don’t see anything about 1950’s SciFi, Richard Dix or Peggie Castle,
    one of the queens of the “B” movies in the 50’s.

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  13. Hi Brandie, thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. It lead me here. I also love old movies. I just wish I had more time to watch them. It seems I never get around to it any more. Your site has brought back some good memories. 🙂

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