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Hello, classic film fans! My name is Brandie and I am the co-founder of True Classics, having served as its head writer and editor-in-chief since its inception.

Movie-related things to know about me: I am obsessed with classic animation, ranging from silent black-and-white shorts to the candy-colored contributions of UPA and beyond. I particularly love the classic Disney canon, with my ultimate favorites being Alice in Wonderland and Fantasia. My top five favorite movies of all time are Casablanca, Singin’ in the Rain, Bringing Up Baby, City Lights, and Shadow of a Doubt. Screwball comedy is my favorite genre, and Preston Sturges my favorite director. I’m learning to love Westerns, but will likely never enjoy horror no matter how much I try. I adore Barbara Stanwyck, and find Katharine to be the superior Hepburn. Cary Grant is my personal Jesus. Robert Osborne is my patronus.

Welcome to True Classics!

12 thoughts on “Brandie

    • YES! I love “You Can’t Take it With You.” Jean Arthur is a perennial favorite of mine.

      I haven’t seen “The Saphead,” but I’ll be adding it to my list of must-sees. Buster Keaton was just plain amazing, wasn’t he? “The General” is one of my favorite silent films of all. The things he did with his body–I’m amazed he managed to survive some of those stunts.

  1. Brandie:
    I found out you existed by reading your latest Maltese Falcon posting. It was superb. You’re definitely a woman after my heart. Everybody has a favorite line from that film (one of my top five, I think). What’s yours?
    Steve (Retired Naval Offcier/Active Classic Movie Buff)

    • Thank you very much! I think one of my favorite lines from the film is Spade’s: “I don’t mind a reasonable amount of trouble.” Words to live a life by. Thanks for stopping by the site.

  2. If it existed I’d have to join the “Classic Movies-aholics Anonymous” lol.
    I found this blog yesterday, I think and sometimes I want to kill myself for not getting into the golden age of hollywood sooner 😦 Anyway, I’m loving this blog 😀

    • Well, thanks! We love new readers. 🙂

      I think someone should definitely start a Classic Movies-aholics group. I know quite a few folks who could be charter members!

  3. Hello there! I just wanted to point out that…Barbara Stanwyck is the first on your list of favorite actresses!!! *scream*!!! I think you’re the first blogger I’ve found (other than me) where that’s true. Goodness, will you be my best friend?! Just kidding. Just so seriously kidding. But, I love your blog, by the way…a lot… Hopefully this doesn’t sound really weird, but my goal in writing is to be as good as you when I get older.


    • Thank you for the comment and for the compliment! I do truly love Barbara. She was beautiful and brash and oh, so talented. Truly one of the greats, and it’s sad that she’s not more popular today (I know classic movie fans love her, but few non-classic fans actually know her outside of the stuff she did later in life, like The Big Valley and The Thorn Birds).

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