My cinematic alphabet.

Lo at the awesomeness of this idea! The folks at Citizenrobot and Rupert Pupkin Speaks came up with the idea of creating a personal cinematic alphabet, with each letter representing a favorite film beginning with that letter. And since we are, for all intents and purposes, the “ABCs of Classic Film,” this is a bandwagon on which I will enthusiastically jump! A fun project … and hard as hell to narrow down, in some cases! Though most of my favorites are, as you might imagine, in the pre-1970s range, a few of these choices are a little more modern, as pickings were slim for some letters.

A is for All About Eve


B is for Bringing Up Baby


C is for Casablanca


D is for Double Indemnity


E is for E.T.


F is for (A) Face in the Crowd 


G is for Gone With the Wind


H is for (The) Heiress


I is for It Happened One Night


J is for Jezebel


K is for Key Largo


L is for (The) Lady Eve


M is for Marty


N is for (The) Night of the Hunter


O is for On the Waterfront


P is for Pan’s Labyrinth


Q is for Queen Christina


R is for Rear Window


S is for Singin’ in the Rain


T is for To Kill a Mockingbird


U is for Up


V is for Vacation (National Lampoon’s)


W is for White Heat


X is for X2: X-Men United (Shaddup … it’s one of the few truly “good” superhero movies, and let’s face it–there aren’t many films that start with the letter X! Plus, I’ll take any excuse to look at Hugh Jackman. Hello, Hugh Jackman.)


Y is for Yankee Doodle Dandy


Z is for Ziegfeld Follies


Do you have your own list of ABCs? Share a link in the comments!

10 thoughts on “My cinematic alphabet.

  1. Excellent alphabet.

    Mine was to be a numerical list but I haven’t yet chosen between “Zero for Conduct” and “Nil by Mouth” for my initial entry.

      • As with the cinematic alphabet, the numerical title must start with a number, but since less than zero is less than zero, I suppose “less” would be ok, and the entry would precede either of the two I’m choosing between. Thx for the hint!

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  3. Was very happy to see my namesake on your very eclectic list! Some great choices…of course, now I’m thinking about what my alphabet would look like…will get back to you on that…

      • Hi, Brandie…Got off to a great start with “A” – “(The) Awful Truth”…but bogged down at “B” with (Cocteau’s) “Beauty and the Beast” (though maybe I could get away with “La belle et la bete” at “L” except for “(A) Letter to Three Wives”), “Black Narcissus” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”…well, you see my problem…

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